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 How to make leather phone case

2017/4/2 8:59:59      view:4410
Mobile phone case manufacturer  introduce you to the production process of the leather cases, the influence of different process on the cell phone holster is different.Now technology is mainly PU leather material and TPU/PC shell combination.Mainly divided into three categories, namely, the voltage stick a skin cell phone holster, sewing leather cell phone holster, stick a skin shell phone cases.
The first voltage stick a skin cell phone holster.First cutting material, made of precision holster mould pressing through the holster across the machine cover.This kind of the holster is very slim, edge more highlights the slender slim style.The holster some with the hem, so some also need stitching at the same time.(production efficiency is high, the holster high-grade, elegant and generous.) 
The second stitching stick a skin cell phone holster.This kind of leather is through unique handmade leather craft, through material cutting, gluing, holster cover stitching, and then the PC shell combination leather holster.The holster work required in the sophisticated perfect, especially for sewing requirement is very high, because is the need to by presenting a holster overall sewing to high-grade, at the same time be concise style.Through this kind of high-grade, concise style to show the elegant.(this kind of leather production efficiency is low, process trival)
The third stick a skin shell mobile phone holster.This kind of product is mainly through the leather cutting, the pure manual carefully paste onto the PC shell.This kind of product have no cover, only is to protect the back.After stick shell of the PC shell, feel very comfortable, eyes also very high-grade, unique elegant prints with PC shell fashion perfect combination of science and technology, is very beautiful.